Shit. Here comes the stage fright.


Okay here goes nothing…

Dear Human Race

Quite simply put, this Blog is my personal, creative outlet. This is where I will write about the things which upset me, the things which make me happy, and everything in between. Themes I’ll try my best to stick to will include dealing with being a millennial in a country which is at least a decade behind on the social development scale, remembering to keep on keeping on and staying positive, anything that inspires me (people, places, art), and occasionally science. Oh yeah, and introversion, because that’s a damn big part of who I am.

That pretty much describes me. I’m a science guy from South Africa who’s completely bilingual (I’m more than willing to translate should the need arise). I’m into good food, wine, literature and finding the road less traveled by.

I humbly welcome you to my musings.